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Diesel Truck | East Coast Diesel LLC

DIESEL is in our name. PERFORMANCE is the game.

At East Coast Diesel, not only do we service vehicles for commercial use, but also personal use. Our passion for everything diesel started with our own pickup trucks, and as diesel users, we know you can appreciate that. We provide performance tuning for pickup trucks and other diesel vehicles and have all types of diesel performance parts in stock. Our shops are located in Charlotte, NC; Durham/Raleigh, NC; and Atlanta, GA.

Diesel Performance Improvements

The diesel performance upgrades we can focus on include:

  1. Power – Increasing the power output of an engine can be achieved by replacing existing valves and manifolds, adjusting the crankshaft and other components, and changing tuning parameters in the Engine Control Module (ECM) or software.
  2. Torque – Torque is generated by the motion of the pistons and crankshaft. This rotational force, when enhanced, can boost RPMs and an engine’s overall output. Torque is a directional vector expressed in pound-feet and newton-meters.
  3. Horsepower – One horsepower is the power needed to move 550 pounds a foot in a second. To do the work expected of it, a tow truck engine can deliver hundreds of horsepower at once. By adapting the engine and gear system during diesel tuning, we can boost torque, and therefore horsepower.

Diesel Performance Services

Whether boosting personal or semi-truck performance, we can improve airflow to create more engine power, replace or reprogram the ECM, or upgrade your truck with higher-pressure fuel injectors. A performance turbocharger pushes more air into the engine and pressurizes the intake to generate more power. Our team is experienced at boosting engine output, road performance with bigger tires, and towing capacity. We can address the following:

  • Air Intakes
  • Engine Parts
  • Exhaust
  • Fuel System
  • Fluid & Fuel Additives
  • Hitches & Recovery Hooks
  • Lifts & Suspension
  • Off-Road Accessories
  • Intercoolers & Pipings
  • Transmissions
  • Towing
  • Tuners
  • Turbos
  • Wheels & Tire

Other Diesel Truck Upgrades

Repairing of modern diesel engine, workers hands and tool

Our team can upgrade the look of your truck just as easily as adding spunk to your ride. The look of your truck expresses personality and, in the case of lighting, can improve visibility. These improvements can address:

  • Aesthetics
  • Lights (LEDs, fog lights, light bars, off-road lighting)
  • Truck Accessories

Performance Upgrades for Personal Vehicles

Whether your vehicle is a Dodge/Ram, Chevy/GMC, or Ford, or has a Powerstroke, Cummins, or Duramax engine—we have you covered.

ECD has the expertise, diesel parts, and accessories catering to the following performance needs:

  • Commercial use
  • Personal use
  • Everyday use
  • Customized project
  • Off-road or local racetrack

We Will Keep You Performing Better.

Schedule your appointment today to go over your performance needs, and don't forget to ask about our Payment Plans and Multi-Vehicle Discounts. Our diesel performance shops and automotive technicians in Charlotte, Durham/Raleigh, and Atlanta are ready to provide the required performance tuning on your vehicle.