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Metal fabrication is the process of cutting, bending and assembling metal. Specialized fabrication shops such as East Coast Diesel LLC have years of training and experience in welding, machining, forming and cutting metal specifically for heavy equipment. Agricultural equipment, trucks and other vehicles and equipment may occasionally require fabrication in order to repair damage, and when they do, you can count on the expert team at East Coast Diesel LLC to provide fair and accurate services as needed.

Fabrication is a multi-step process that requires extensive knowledge, specialized equipment and precision. First, our team evaluates the issue, takes measurements and comes up with the best solution. Next, we fabricate the actual product. Lastly, we install and finish out the finalized product. Throughout this process, our team takes special precautions to make sure steel is not warped due to heat or other circumstances. Additionally, we are able create parts for a multitude of codes; because of this, we can provide many different services from our shop directly to you.

East Coast Diesel LLC has the experience, education and equipment to handle welding jobs and fabrications of all shapes and sizes. Whether your project is small or large, bring in your equipment today, and we will diagnose the problem and provide the best solution. Our fair and honest team will give you an accurate monetary estimate and timeframe to fulfill your fabrication needs and get your equipment running again. We look forward to serving you!