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Engine Rebuild Services

Often a more affordable alternative to engine replacement, an engine rebuild can keep your truck going for many more miles. When an engine is rebuilt, it is disassembled, and then severely worn or broken components are replaced to make the engine serviceable. At East Coast Diesel, LLC, we provide engine rebuild services for fleet trucks and all other vehicles.

Engine Rebuild

Reasons to Consider an Engine Rebuild

Diesel engines can show various symptoms when it’s time for a rebuild. You may want to consult with an engine mechanic if you notice:

  • Loss of power: This can be due to a camshaft problem or fuel injector issues, fuel contamination, a faulty turbo, or a buildup of air or particulates.
  • Poor gas mileage: If a drop in fuel economy isn’t caused by driving habits, it may be caused by a leak deep in the system, contaminated fuel, or a bad fuel injector or filter.
  • Increased oil consumption: Leaking oil, high oil pressure, worn or broken piston rings, restricted air intakes, and other internal engine problems may require a rebuild.
  • Smoking: Blue or black smoke from the exhaust can signal anything from faulty injector pumps to a malfunctioning EGR system, to worn valve guides or seals, incomplete combustion, or carbon build-up.
  • Low compression: A blown head gasket, damaged valve, broken timing belt, piston or cylinder hole, or another serious engine problem may be the reason.
  • Knocking: Often ignored, knocking can occur with compression, timing, or fuel injection issues, failed bearings, or a damaged wrist pin or bushing.

Contact an Engine Specialist at East Coast Diesel

Engine trouble can occur for many reasons. Our ASE-certified NAPA Truck Centers can quickly address your problem and get your vehicle back on the road. For information on an engine rebuild in Raleigh, NC, or in Charlotte or Atlanta, call 984-209-1766 or contact us online.