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At East Coast Diesel, our motto is “We Will Keep You Rolling” and, with our new Quick Lube, we are able to keep you rolling even faster and cheaper. We cannot overstate how important truck lubrication is. Easy access to lube services in Raleigh/Durham, Charlotte, and Atlanta is just what is needed to keep your fleet running along some of the nation’s busiest shipping routes.

As experts in preventative maintenance for the trucking and automotive sector, we know the importance of speed and quality. We also know that time is money and vehicles are major investments, so it is imperative to keep them running well.

So, we have a dedicated truck lubrication team ready to get you back on the road quickly.

Quick Lube Service Areas:

  • Raleigh/Durham, NC and surrounding areas
  • Charlotte, NC and surrounding areas
  • Atlanta, GA and surrounding areas

Quick Lube Program:

  • Full-Service Oil Change
  • Tractor & Trailer Grease

Ongoing Quick Lube Services:

  • 12-Month Service Package
  • Multi-Vehicle Package
  • Fleet Maintenance Package

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Why Is a Diesel Lube So Important?

Lubricating your truck goes a long way in protecting your investment. For just a few dollars, you can keep major components greased and running smoothly for 12,000 miles. Lubricating grease provides a protective layer that reduces wear on metal. It also protects against dirt, water, and road deicers that can be highly corrosive. These are factors that can easily reduce service life, so using lubricant services is extremely important.

It’s All About Prevention

Without lubrication, truck engines, suspensions, transmissions, and other systems and components will be subject to increased wear. Parts may need to be replaced more often, increasing maintenance costs. More wear and friction can mean trucks will operate less efficiently. Regular lubrication can, therefore, help keep vehicles running more reliably, efficiently, and cheaply.

Common Lubrication Points

Car engine, concept of modern vehicle motor with metal

Servicing your truck with a quick lube can prevent bearing failures due to friction, heat, and sealing/contamination issues. Engine oil is another common concern as dirty oil or low levels can shorten engine life. Diesel fuel components such as fuel pumps, injectors, and combustion chambers also require lubrication to function normally. Lubricant also helps ropes, cables, and draglines handle stress, shock, and heavy loads.

Schedule an Express Lube/Oil Change Today

Our lube services cover all the common truck lubrication points to ensure your equipment lasts longer. At East Coast Diesel, LLC, we prioritize customer satisfaction and will not only continue to deliver honest and professional services but also find better ways to serve all customers. Contact us today to schedule service.