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Your RV Needs Regular Maintenance Too!

With August in full swing and Labor Day coming up, it is a great time to explore the open road or go camping with the family. RV travel is a fun and safe way to travel in a large group. Whether you own or borrow an RV, there are specific maintenance procedures you should know and plan for before embarking on your journey.


Examine Seals and Seams

Before your trip, look at your RV's roof for any visible leaks. Water leaks can occur through any open cracks in your RV roof edges, vents, skylights, or AC unit. A flooded RV is not fun to deal with.


Check the Oil

The average car requires an oil change every 5,000 miles or longer with synthetics, but an RV drinks that oil faster due to more strain on its engine. Please conduct oil changes at the start of every season to make sure that everything is lubricated adequately. For RVs, we recommend an oil change interval of 3,000-5,000 miles. Sometimes, it is better to go with premium synthetic oil to ensure the greatest protection. If you disregard the change, your RV will sustain immense engine damage.


Replace Filters

Like any other vehicle, you need to change the air, fuel, and coolant filters in your RV. While getting an oil change for the RV, ask your trusted mechanic to inspect your filters. 


Check Your Battery

A dead RV battery would be miserable to deal with on a hot summer day. Your objective should be to keep the battery fully charged at all times. For preventative measures, bring a set of jumper cables and a portable battery on the trip. 


A Good Wash

It would be best if you give your RV a good bath before (and after) your trip in the wild. The vehicle could have been sitting and stored for who knows how long. You'll be sure to impress others with a new and shiny RV!


Maintenance for your RV is just as critical as maintenance for your everyday vehicle. At East Coast Diesel, we have automotive solutions for Trucks, Buses, RVs, and more. We welcome you to head on over to one of our 3 convenient locations today!