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Why is My Truck Vibrating?

Whether your truck is old with high mileage or new, strange vibrations can occur. Unusual sounds, bumps, and vibrations are not normal but do not panic. If you notice irregular vehicle performance, reach out to your trusted truck expert for a thorough inspection and diagnosis. Most of these issues can be simple fixes that can get you back on the road in no time.

If you’re riding along the highway and your vehicle begins to vibrate, below are three common reasons why:

• Tire Problems 

One of the most common reasons your truck may be vibrating is related to the tires. Check your tire pressure, especially during significant weather changes. Improperly inflated tires can cause your vehicle to drift and rattle. This is easily corrected by filling your tires to the correct pressure. Outside of tire pressure, it’s also essential to check the tire tread. If the tires are unevenly worn, there may be an issue with the tires being imbalanced or misaligned. 

• Bent Axles or Driveshaft

If you recently have hit a pothole, the axles could’ve become bent. The axles are quite durable, but any trauma can leave them damaged and cause them to jostle while you drive. 

• Check Engine Light 

The check engine light won’t always come on if there is an issue under the hood, but a problem within the engine can cause the car to moderately vibrate. Check the spark plugs and replace any that look old, worn, or damaged. Have the fuel filter thoroughly inspected. If the fuel filter is clogged, an adequate amount of fuel will not enter the engine. This can cause a noticeable vibration. 

Truck Inspection and Diagnosis in Durham, NC

Don’t let your vehicle shake you up, have any constant vibrating inspected. Fuel filters and spark plugs are easy to replace, but significant engine damage can cost time and money. East Coast Diesel has expert technicians available if you need a bumper to bumper DMV certified inspection and repair.
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