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Why Is My Truck Bouncing Excessively?

You're driving your truck as usual and hit a speed bump - your truck starts bouncing up and down excessively. It catches you by surprise since you haven't experienced this before. If this happens to you, then there is probably something wrong with your truck's internal systems. Our vehicles are designed to absorb shock from the road so that our driving experience is as smooth and safe as possible. However, excessively bouncing over bumps or rubble can signify something wrong within the suspension and steering system. 


Your vehicle's steering system, suspension system, and wheels all work collectively to ensure that you can steer and maneuver your vehicle. They also help your vehicle absorb the appropriate amount of shock from the road to keep your drive level. When these systems are compromised and vulnerable, you will surely notice a change in your steering capabilities. 


Here are some of the most common reasons why your car may be bouncing excessively or swaying side to side: 

  • Your wheel alignment is bad.
  • Your tires have excessive or uneven wear. Always make sure that your tires have the proper amount of air and never overfill them.
  • You have a loose steering linkage. The rack bushings may either be disconnected, causing the instability.
  • Your struts or shocks are corrupted or leaking.
  • You have loose or damaged ball joints.

As soon as you notice bumpiness and bounciness in your commute, please bring your truck to the experts here at East Coast Diesel. If this problem is left ignored, you could lose all control of your vehicle. We have a total of 3 convenient locations located in Durham, NC, Charlotte, NC, and Atlanta, GA. Bring your vehicle into our shop today for a complete inspection and repair.