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What Are the Most Common Auto Repairs in the Summer?


During the summertime, most families in the US get out of the house more. Whether it is a short trip to run errands or a long road trip, you’re going to need a dependable car for the summer. Before you hit the roads, it is a good idea to schedule an automotive checkup to ensure your car is roadworthy.


Many mechanical problems can arise during the summer months. Some issues may even hold you in the summer heat with a breakdown. Here are some of the most common summer auto repair problems and what you can do to prevent them from happening to you.

Overheated Engine

An overheating engine is an unfortunate event that happens to many drivers in the summer. When you drive on a hot, sunny day, your engine’s cooling system works harder than ever. To ensure your engine gets a sufficient supply of coolant, we recommend getting a coolant fluid service and cooling system inspection.

Battery Change

Your vehicle battery does not do well in extreme temperatures. The heat can make the acid inside the battery leak and cause corrosion. At the start of the season, we recommend coming by our auto repair shop for a battery test.

A/C Replenishment

What is summer without car air conditioning? With temperatures soaring high in the south, you’re going to need to stay cool. If your A/C is blowing warm or has no air blowing at all, it can be super uncomfortable. To ensure your A/C can run at full blast, we recommend getting your vehicle's A/C system inspected.

At East Coast Diesel LLC, we are proud to offer your car, SUV, or truck the best preventative maintenance services for the summer. If you need any of the services mentioned above, please do not hesitate to give us a call or stop by one of our convenient locations today.