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Website Update and Remodel

Our website has served us well, the original design was done through a third party, which was a great! We decided as a company to move our website in-house. Good design should be timeless, but as a company we’re quite different now and our site needed to reflect that. There was also some technical aspects that needed improving.

The first of these was the grid. Previously built using the constraint grid, we couldn’t quite achieve what we wanted. Switching to our new platform gave us greater control over the layout, and allowed us to re-arrange content more easily, as well as easier centering. Secondly, we wanted to cut down on the CSS filesize. Our web development team cut out a lot of unused CSS, including the old grid as well as re-writing some sections of code for a more lean file size and better organisation.

Whilst improving the technical aspects, we also tweaked the design, maintaining the original but addressing some issues with the previous. This included a reduced header size that meant on smaller screens more content was visible without scrolling. We also refined some mobile design elements.

End Result

You’re reading on it right now! If you remember the old site, the current iteration probably isn’t a drastic departure, but we hope you have noticed the improvements. The CSS file size dropped from 380kb to 78kb, and the new platform layout allows the design to make more sense across devices. We also feel this version of the site says a lot more about us, our personality, reputation and ethos.

We hope you like it

ECD Dev Team!