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The difference between transmission repair, replacement, and rebuild

The car transmission is a critical component in any vehicle. It comprises hundreds of interconnected parts that move, rub, heat up and interacts with other internal and external components for optimal car functioning. The transmission is thus prone to wear and tear than other vehicle components.

There are significant signs to watch for that indicate a faulty transmission.

Some troubled transmission symptoms include: leaking/low fluid, burning smell, grinding car sounds and car failing to go into gear. Having a comprehensive understanding of how a transmission functions, possible troubles, and signs empower any driver to take the necessary interventions in fixing the transmission

There are three available options a car owner can explore in fixing the transmission based on the expert's diagnostic tests. Transmission repair, replacement and rebuild are options that fix a faulty transmission, ensuring drivers safety and comfort when driving.

Transmission Repair

A transmission repair can be straightforward and mechanical and also complex to combining mechanical and electronic engineering. It is a more budget-friendly approach to fixing a faulty transmission. It features adjustment and in-car repairs, resealing jobs, and fixing the transmission's specific components without a complete rebuilt. If the extent of transmission damage is extensive, then this is not always a recommended option.

Transmission Rebuild

Sometimes some components of the transmission might be salvaged, while others need replacing. Rebuilding involves detaching the transmission and giving it a complete revamp by replacing the faulty parts. It is then re-assembled and fixed back on the vehicle.

Transmission Replacement

A transmission replacement is always an expensive but great option in cases of complete transmission damage. It involves replacing the existing transmission unit with a new, rebuilt, or remanufactured unit. Whether you choose a new or rebuilt transmission replacement, proper expert consultation is always recommended to figure out the car's needs and ensure value for your money.

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