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ECD purchases Heavy Duty Wrecker!

East Coast Diesel, LLC has purchased a Heavy Duty Wrecker. Our goal is to keep everyone rolling! Anywhere you go in Central North Carolina, you are likely to see large vehicles of every shape, size, and purpose. With many industries being located within the region, we see a lot of different types of trucks making their way in and out of the Raleigh area on the I-95, I-40, I-85 Interstates as well as other busy highways and roads. Where there are big trucks, there is a definite need for heavy duty towing and recovery services. Accidents, rollovers, high centers, and breakdowns can all require the assistance of specialized trucks and teams who can help in even the most demanding situations. Cities and towns that are located on or near these main interstates see a lot of big rigs on their way to and from industrial businesses. Durham, and Raleigh are all located in an area close to where the I-95 and I-40 connect. This busy area sees thousands of trucks each ... read more


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