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Pet Road Trip Tips

You and your family aren’t the only ones who’ve been locked away safely in your home - your pets have been too. Taking your cat or dog on a road trip can be a fun way to spend some quality time. By this point, your dog’s nose may be craving some unfamiliar territory to sniff around. Below are a few suggestions to make your road trip extra safe and pet friendly: 

1.    No window surfing

As cute as it is, it may be tempting to let your pet sit in the window and breeze through the wind, the dangers are just not worth the risk. Pets can fall out, jump out, or flying objects can pose a threat to their safety. 

2.    Keep your pet restrained

Find a comfortable harness or crate for your pet. If you’re worried about getting your seat’s damage, some companies sell seat covers to keep your car seats clean.

3.    Micro-chip

This may be a great time to get your furry pal micro-chipped if you haven’t already. These microchips help your pet become easily identifiable if they ever become lost.

4.    Bring a pet bag - Pack a road trip bag for your pet. Some essential items to pack are bags for poop, extra food, water, and medicine (if they’re taking any). Also, pack any familiar items, their favorite toy may keep them entertained and comfortable. Lastly, keep a copy of their vaccination records in the pet bag or on your phone for medical emergencies.

5.    Have playtime before the road trip

If your pet pal is full of energy, it would be a great idea to have playtime beforehand. This allows them to get some of their extra energy out. Enough playtime may also tire them out enough to have a nap during the car ride. 

6.   Never leave your pets in the car unattended

Leaving your pet in the car is extremely dangerous. If you need to stop, pullover in a place where they can also potty. Use this time to interact with your pet and allow them to stretch their paws.

These simple tips can make your road trip a road trip to remember for you and your pet. The best first step is always to start with good planning. A road trip you’re prepared for is a safe road trip. Make the time to get out and enjoy the great outdoors with your pet.