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How to Protect Your Vehicle Battery During the Summer

Waking up to a dead battery in the morning when you are already late for an appointment is one of the most annoying things. Despite the misconception that the chilling temperature in winter is the major contributor to dead batteries, summer is, in fact, extreme in reducing your car battery's life expectancy. Research shows that batteries in cold climates can survive up to four years, while those in hot climates barely have a life expectancy of three years. What should you do to protect your car battery during summer? The following are tips on how to give your car battery the care it needs this summer:

Keep it cool

Because the summer's heat drains your car battery, reducing the heat intensity will do your battery good. Try parking your car in a cool shade to reduce the UV rays from getting into your car's battery. After all, parking your car in the shade will ensure its interior is excellent every time you get in.

Increase your driving time

Constant short drives with occasional starts and stops amid summer's shimmering heat are perfect prerequisites for killing your car's battery. To ensure your battery is fully charged, elongate your driving time to allow the alternator to charge the car's battery fully.

Use car covers

Just like parking your car in the shade, a car cover ensures that your car is protected from the extreme heat. Car covers deflect harsh UV rays from your vehicle and prevent them from damaging the car's battery during the extreme summer heat. It is often good to cover your car after it has cooled down to ensure you don't trap any heat or moisture that could cause unnecessary corrosion or growth of molds.

Your car's battery is everything you need to ignite your car. A faulty battery will eventually leave you stranded after a short stop. Do not let the summer heat annihilate your memorable driving experience. It is always good to check on a mechanic whenever you feel a slight malfunction in your vehicle because it could be the genesis of severe mechanical troubles. If you need your vehicle battery serviced, we invite you to bring your vehicle to East Coast Diesel LLC today!