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How to Protect You and Your Vehicle Against Pollen

Spring is an all-around great season as the flowers bloom and the temperatures warm up. The only major challenge that comes with springtime driving is pollen. Not only can it be irritating for you and your health, but it can also hurt your car. Pollen has acidic properties, which can eventually damage your vehicle's paint if left accumulating for too long. Here are some tips to follow to limit pollen from getting on or inside your car:

Wash your vehicle regularly 

Pollen can ge​​t in every little crack of your car, which is why car washes become more important this time of year. Please remember to get every nook and cranny so that the pollen doesn't linger. If you want to go the extra mile, you can add a layer of wax to act as a slippy protectant.

Replace your engine filter 

 This filter is in charge of blocking our dust, dirt, and pollen from your engine compartments. To ensure your engine runs smoothly, please remember to change this filter according to your manufacturer's recommendation.

Change your cabin air filter 

This type of filter prevents contaminants, such as pollen, from escaping into the passenger cabin. Otherwise, a clogged cabin filter will make your allergies go off the roof. And it can even cause foul odors in your car. Therefore, please change the cabin filter if it is dirty or clogged.

Clean off the wiper blades 

When this yellow powder collects around your windshield wiper blades and meets water, it creates a paste that can make a mess on your windshield. Please remember to wipe off the pollen regularly to avoid happening to you.


If you need help changing your car's filters or any other maintenance items, we invite you to East Coast Diesel LLC. We have three convenient locations: Durham, NC, Charlotte, NC, and Lithonia, GA.