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How to Properly Sanitize Your Vehicle

It seems like everyone is ill these days. While you do safe practices like washing or hand sanitizing your hands before driving, do you make an effort to disinfect your vehicle? You may want to consider it. To avoid the spreading of germs and viruses, the team at East Coast Diesel LLC has put together a full-proof method to sanitize your car:

  1. Clean out the inside. Before we bring in the disinfectants, you will first need to clean the inside of your car. After using a vacuum to get all the crumbs lying around, you should wash the inside of your vehicle. All you need is a mild soap and a soft brush. 
  2. Sanitize. Once your interior dries, use disinfectant wipes or a safe cleaning solution to wipe. When cleansing your interior, please remember to get the frequently touched spots. These germ-filled sites include the steering wheel, door handles, temperature and volume control buttons, window buttons, etc. After wiping down these critical surfaces, dry them off with a dry cloth.

When working around electrical-powered accessories, like a screen, please take caution. It may be better to use water or a water-concentrated cleaning solution instead. Additionally, if you have leather seats, an alcohol cleaner may damage the appearance. When it comes to leather upholstery, it may be best to stop at the soap and water step (Step #1).


We want you to stay safe, and one way to do that this season is by properly cleaning and sanitizing your car. If you are searching for auto maintenance and repairs in Charlotte, NC, Durham, NC, or Lithonia, GA, we invite you to East Coast Diesel LLC today.