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Fluid Leaks & How to Identify Them

Fluid Leaks & How to Identify Them

Most people only worry about their car if they notice a strange smell or hear a weird sound. However, leaks are usually the first visual indicators that signal that something may be wrong with your vehicle. Leaks are a phenomenon that most drivers will encounter at some point during the life of their car. Leaks should be taken seriously. Identifying and understanding leaks is an essential skill to have to prevent hazardous driving situations and costly repairs. Below is a small reference guide to help identify leaks beneath your vehicle.  Water The clear, odorless consistency of water is not hard to spot. Water leaks are typically found under a vehicle near the front passenger seat. Most water leaks occur from the air conditioning unit and usually aren’t a cause for much concern.  Engine Oil Engine oil leaks have a distinctive smell and are either light brown or dark black. The lighter the oil, the cleaner it is. If the leaked oil is light brown ... read more


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