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9 Simple Summer Truck Maintenance and Care Tips

The last thing you want to do is be sitting on the side of the road with a broken-down truck waiting for truck and trailer repair. To keep your truck rolling all summer long, it is important to stay current on your truck maintenance and care using these great tips.

1. Do a self-inspection before hitting the road.

Take the time to do a full walk-around. Look at the tires and check for abnormal wear, low air levels, bulging “bubbles” on tire walls, disconnect cables, and so on. Carry a tire pressure gauge with you to do a check of air pressure if a tire looks low.  

Look behind the tires and under the rig for fluids that may have leaked out of brake lines or the engine. Make sure to check cables, wires, and other connections on the back of the rig that connect to the trailer for signs of wear and damage. If you can spot a problem before driving, it can prevent a break-down later.

Woman truck driver checking the oil level on a big truck

2. Check your fluids each time you stop and fill up with diesel.

Get into the habit of checking the oil level, coolant level, brake fluid, and all other fluids. If you notice one is unusually low or it seems like you are having to refill it each time you stop, most likely you have a leak.

3. Replace air filters based on the mileage, not monthly intervals.

If you are racking up a lot of miles, you will need to make sure air filters, including the one for your cab, are being replaced at the right intervals. When air filters get dirty, they prevent air from flowing through correctly, which can lead to overheating.

4. Get your oil changed at the right intervals.

Again, use your mileage, not monthly intervals for oil changes. Clean oil improves fuel efficiency and helps keep the diesel engine operating correctly with the proper amount of lubrication. You can stop by our truck service center for an oil change whenever you are in the area.

5. Replace your batteries if they are leaking.

If you notice any of the batteries on your truck are leaking, it means they are nearing the end of their usefulness and need to be replaced. Pay attention to any buildup of corrosion on the terminals, as this indicates potential leaks too.

6. Have your radiator flushed every six months.

The coolant does need to be flushed and replaced to ensure the cooling system is maintained and works correctly. Regular radiator flushes also increase the lifespan of cooling systems parts and components like the radiator, water pump, etc.

7. Pay attention to your gauges.

If a warning light comes on or you notice your gauges are not where they normally are, take the time to stop and get your truck inspected. Something is probably wrong, and a problem is starting, so taking care of it now could help you avoid a costlier repair later.

8. Keep your truck interior clean.

Since you spend a lot of time in your cab, it is much more enjoyable when the interior is clean. Not to mention, it will help prevent the interior from taking on funky smells and unpleasant odors.

Truck Service Worker in His 30s Performing Scheduled Recall Maintenance.

Keep up with maintenance schedules.

Following your recommended truck maintenance schedule can help you avoid major breakdowns. Our diesel truck maintenance technicians can provide you with a schedule if you need one.

For truck service, truck maintenance, truck and trailer repairs, and related services, please feel free to stop by East Coast Diesel LLC if you are in the Raleigh/Durham, Charlotte, or Atlanta (Lithonia) area, or give us a call today!


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